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MVA, Asiana host Japan travel agent FAM tour

MVA, Asiana host Japan travel agent FAM tour Tag: Asiana Airlines , Japan Tourist Service , Mariana Lounge , World Travel Center Representatives of travel agencies and Asiana Airlines from Sendai, Japan, conduct a site inspection of Aqua Resort Club on June 26, 2018, during their FAM tour of The Marianas. (Contributed Photo) Representatives of travel agencies and Asiana Airlines from Sendai, Japan, dine at Naked Fish Bar & Grill on June 25, 2018, during their FAM tour of The Marianas. (Contributed Photo) Representatives of travel agencies and Asiana Airlines from Sendai, Japan, visit award-winning Managaha on June 26, 2018, during their FAM tour of The Marianas. (Contributed Photo) In support of convenient flight connections to The Marianas from Sendai, Japan, the Marianas Visitors Authority and Asiana Airlines recently hosted travel agents from the Japanese city on a familiarization tour of The Marianas. Representatives from seven travel agencies and Asiana were in Saipan on June 24-27, to gather information that will aid them in selling the destination to travelers. “Visitors from the Sendai area in Japan have an easy connection to The Marianas on Asiana Airlines via Incheon International Airport in Seoul,” said MVA managing director Christopher A. Concepcion. “Our goal is to grow arrivals from this primary city in Japan, and giving these key travel agents an opportunity to experience The Marianas for themselves is an important part of that strategy. They had a packed itinerary while here and now have a full repertoire of accommodations and attractions—as well as a sense of our island charm—that they can use to sell The Marianas.” The group lodged at Hyatt Regency Saipan and conducted hotel inspections there and at Pacific Islands Club Saipan, Kanoa Resort Saipan, Saipan World Resort, Grandvrio Resort Saipan, Aqua Resort Club, Kensington Hotel Saipan, and Fiesta Resort & Spa. Activities and attractions during the FAM tour included stand up paddling with Marianas Trekking, shopping at T Galleria and I Love Saipan, a tour of Managaha, inspection of Mariana Lounge, SeaTouch marine animal encounter, Jetovator, and a tour of scenic and historic sites in Marpi. Dining establishments visited included Surf Club, Naked Fish Bar & Grill, and Fiesta Resort’s Joyful Dinner Show.

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Game on as LINE enters travel: Key lessons from WIT Japan & North Asia

Given the strength of the Korean outbound market, Dunamu’s Lee also said that if he were doing a startup, he’d build it around tours & activities targeted at the Korean traveller and blockchain had the potential to address this fragmented market, where 80% of bookings remain offline in APAC. “In situations where suppliers are paying a lot to the middlemen and where there’s an issue of trust because of the fragmented supply, blockchain could work to address these two issues,” said the South Korean e-commerce expert, who used to work at Tmon Travel. Acknowledging the scepticism around blockchain currently, Lee said, “It’s hard to see it now just as we couldn’t see the future of the Internet 20 years ago but we are clearly invested in it.” His fund has already deployed $19m into blockchain startups in South Korea as well as outside the country. In his presentation, Masaya Higuchi of IBM Japan talked about how crypto anchors and blockchain could unite against counterfeiters and fight fraud in food and medicine supply. IBM and Walmart are building a fully transparent food system which would be able to pinpoint the source of produce. It is also introducing blockchain to verify the jewellery supply chain, tracing it to its real origin, from manufacturer to retail. In the area of AI, It is partnering with MIT on a 10-year, $240m investment to create the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab. And it’s making progress in its moves to create the “digital human” – for example, Sophie, the robot created for Air New Zealand and a “digital debator” who can actually inject humour into her arguments. Kotaro Chiba’s vision of Tokyo, drone city of the future Kotaro Chiba: Wants Japan to take the lead in drone technology One new tech that Kotaro Chiba has ambitions in is drone technology and his ambition is to see Japan take the lead in this sector. He knows the odds are stacked against Japan of course. At the event, he flew a drone, priced at US$100, that was made in China by a company that already controls 70% of the drone market.

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